Tips for Buying Wood Furniture

Today we have some great tips for buying wood furniture! Sometimes we get questions like “What types of wood do you use” and “What makes your selection better than competitors?” Knowing what wood types we use at will also help you understand what makes our selection better than other stores. Let’s discuss the tips to consider when buying wood furniture so that your investment is worth every penny.

Wood Furniture Buying Tip 1:       Buy Hardwood Furniture

At, we stick with hardwoods. In fact, most of our manufacturers use hardwoods and a few use select hardwoods. Hardwoods are generally the strongest wood combinations; however, not all hardwoods are considered to be a hard material. For this reason, we use the best hardwoods in the furniture we make, like Hevea Maple. Hevea Maple is a strong wood, so we make sure to use it in most of our pieces. Choosing from our sturdy collection will make buying wood furniture a little less stressful.

Wood Furniture Buying Tip 2: Go Kiln Dried

Have you ever heard of “kiln dried” woods? The wood used to produce most hardwood furniture brands we carry is cut from trees grown in the orient where there is a lot of moisture. This moisture settles in the trees, making the wood wet and soft. Since moisture takes a toll on the durability of the wood, we make sure the wood we buy has been “kiln dried,” which means using heat or electricity to rid the moisture from the wood completely. Wood that is kiln dried will increase the wood’s durability, so be sure to remember this simple tip when buying wood furniture.

Wood Furniture Buying Tip 3: Try Select Hardwoods

What about our manufactures that use “select” hardwoods? If you are really choosy about hardwoods, try buying wood furniture from AICO, A.R.T., and Pulaski. These are three of our manufactures that bring in their own wood. This means the manufacturer chooses which woods are used in the furniture to ensure better performance. If the manufacturers cannot choose the wood to be used, then they must go with what is given to them.

Wood Furniture Buying Tip 4: Veneers Protect

Now that we know a few basic tips about buying wood furniture, let’s go ahead and move on to veneers. Some customers ask us “What are veneers and why do they differ from real woods sometimes?” A veneer is kind of like a hard shell or an outer coating. Think about something you know that has an outer shell used to protect what’s in the middle. If you have it in mind, apply the idea to wood furniture. A veneer is a wood piece that most of the time has been stained and polished to the point that nothing can ruin the stuff in the middle. To name a few, wood furniture pieces like table tops, desk tops, nightstands, and cabinets normally have veneers to protect them and keep their appearances looking new. Understanding the concept behind veneers will help you when you are buying wood furniture.

Wood Furniture Buying Tip 5: Natural vs. Veneer

Yes! There is such thing as buying wood furniture without veneers. If you are leaning more towards “natural” rather than polish or stain, start buying wood furniture from our manufacturer Classic Home. Classic Home uses no veneers! Their techniques and higher quality hardwood makes beautiful and durable wood furniture without having to do anything extra. Classic Home uses elite woods such as Sheesham and Kikor. Combining their antique style with these woods create very elegant furniture pieces. If you can and prefer to invest in something fully natural, use this tip and start buying wood furniture from Classic Home!

Wood Furniture Buying Tip 6: Eco Friendly Wood

Go green with! These days, most people are coming together to clean up our beautiful planet and make it a healthier place; we are definitely a part of this action! ESF is one of our manufactures that specializes in eco friendly European Style wood furniture. How do they do it? Well, their secret ingredient is synthetic wood. Synthetic wood is more artificial; however fewer trees are cut down when we use it! This type of wood is light weight and many intricate designs can be made from it without taking too much time and effort. In other words, the less trees and time it takes to make wood furniture, the cheaper price you will pay. Apply this tip to save the planet and your wallet by buying wood furniture from ESF at!

Wood Furniture Buying Tip 7: MDF Is Not Real Wood

With all of this great information, you may wonder why everyone is still going to IKEA! Sure, the international “Do it yourself” furniture chain does have some great prices. But, how do their prices really score with quality? IKEA can give you cheaper prices because their wood furniture is made out of medium-density fiberboard (MDF), an engineered wood. How does this affect you when buying wood furniture? MDF is made by combining hard and soft wood particles and breaking those down into wood fibers. Essentially, IKEA uses people’s leftovers to make their low priced furniture. But, if you hate leftovers, check out for something made out of the real thing! Buying wood furniture will be less of a challenge if you apply these basic tips we shared with you today. Just remember that if you want something quality and durable, hardwood is generally the way to go and MDF doesn’t cut it. Shop online at where you are sure to find quality and beautiful wood furniture for your home or office. As always, we are here to serve you! Contact Info: Phone: 1-800-970-5889 Email:    

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